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    • Increase Network Popularity
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SmartWeb Canada – Social Media Marketing

Social media is an extremely important and effective marketing tool. It is very hard to escape social media in today’s society as it really is everywhere. Many businesses whether they are just starting out or been in business for years use social media as a way to reach out and connect with clients and promote their brand and services. However, not every business employs social media to the best of it’s ability. This is completely understandable, as many businesses just do not have the time or knowledge to maintain and keep a consistent presence on their social media platforms.

By choosing SmartWeb Canada to manage your social media accounts we will ensure to create and build lasting relationships, have a constant presence, promote and develop brand awareness and provide your accounts with important links to sections of your site.


In order for us to start a social media campaign with your business, we must get to know your business and industry first. We will conduct some research into your industry and ask you questions that will indicate your targeted market, demographics, the message your are trying to portray etc. This information will guide our social media team in the right direction.

2.Creating your social media accounts.

Our social media team will set up and managing your social network accounts. We offer expertise for all the major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+.

3. Connecting Content with Web Demand at the Right Time

As part of our social media management role, the SmartWeb Canada social media team will take to the internet searching for popular content that can be linked to your business and industry. We will also monitor current feeds and identify what’s popular on social platforms at the that time, whilst tracking your keywords through Google Alerts and Social Mention.

4. Customer Online Engagement

Social media is all about engagement and in order to have a successful social media presence and develop conversion businesses and clients must interact with each other. One key way of getting increased traffic to your site is through people listening and conversing about your company’s brand, product or service. If you take a look at social media sites today, you will notice that customers love to interact with businesses and other users. They enjoy hearing about products and providing businesses with reviews whether they are good or bad. SmartWeb Canada can provide you with a service to get your customers talking.

5. Tracking and Reporting Results

Social media changes all the time. In order to keep on top of changes and be sure to know when changes are needed, we will monitor retweets, traffic sources, clicks and network growth and send you through monthly performance reports. At SmartWeb Canada we believe it’s important that businesses see the results generated from their campaigns.


SmartWeb Canada offers social media management packages, all of which include, network building, regular social updates, content research and monitoring of performance matrices. These key factors facilitate the primary function of a social media marketing program. We can also customize packages to facilitate business and project needs.

SmartWeb Package Extras

Web and Graphic Design
At SmartWeb Canada we also offer a custom web and graphic design service, which can be added to your package if required.

SmartWeb Canada is Google Partner and we offer a PayPerClick service.

Custom Campaign
We also offer a custom campaign service. This is would be quoted based on the needs of the project.

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