Multiple Location Website Design

Smart Design For Multiple Locations

If your business has multiple locations where potential clients can purchase your products or services it is important that you can be found easily on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. To ensure that this happens your website’s navigation should allow for easy indexing of all your geographical locations.

Why not test to see where your website shows up on a search engine? Enter a product or service your company sells, followed by a city where you do business into a search engine and click ‘search’. If the search results do not show your website, you are unfortunately missing out on sales.

It is often the case with multiple location businesses to have a great ‘find’ tool on their website that allow visitors to easily locate a store or office that is near them. This method has a problem however. A search engine robot that is crawling your site will not have the ability to use this feature. Therefore, the individual locations can often go unnoticed by search engines.

It is important to build a navigation structure for your website that will allow website crawlers to see all of your outlets.

The following are some tips to help search engines notice all your business locations:

  • Create a webpage with its own unique URL for each business location.
  • Create a HTML sitemap that points to each of those pages.
  • Design your navigation with the user in mind. Make it easy for visitors, as well as search engine crawling applications, to find the pages easily.
  • Design your navigation structure with growth in mind. Your website should be able to handle any new location pages that need to be added in the future.

Since Google is placing more and more emphasis on local results, being above the fold on page one of the results pages is more important than ever.

Whatever your local internet marketing strategy is, it is important to properly optimize your business’ website if your business has more than one location. It is a good marketing strategy to have unique and optimized URLs for every page of your website. Along with this strategy, it is important to have an individual and optimized page for every location that your business has. Separating the different locations into their own pages will allow each location to rank individually and be relevant to location-relevant searches.

We can help set up your multiple location website correctly.

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