Mac Mail Tiger

In Mac Mail choose:

Mail / Preferences 
  • Click the Accounts button on top of the window.
  • Click the plus (+) button in the bottom left corner of the window, to launch the Setup Assistant, which will help you to create a new email account.
  • Select IMAP or POP3 by clicking the Account Type drop-down menu.

Put your name, email address and email account password.

Incoming mail server

  • Incoming Mail Server: (pointed to us)
  • User Name — enter your full email address (including @domain). 
Do not forget to use all lowercase letters 
  • Password — enter the password you created for your mail account

In order to make sure the settings you indicated are correct, Mac Mail will check your address. In case you get an error and/or you need to make some corrections, click Go Back. 
If everything is fine, click Continue.

Outgoing mail server details

In the Outgoing Mail Server field, put your domain name (‘mail.’ prefix can be omitted).
Use Authentication option must be checked.

  • User Name: full email account name including @domain (e.g.
  • Password: type the password for your email account.

Press Continue and Mac Mail will check the connection. Please wait a little as this process can take a couple of minutes. 
If you receive an error, click Go Back to check the server settings. 

After finishing the setup process, you’ll see a window that shows all your connections. Press Done button to complete the e-mail account setup.

Additional incoming mail server settings

Mail > Preferences > Accounts > Choose an account 

Hit Advanced in the right-hand section.
Please check if you have same settings as in the picture above.

IMAP: port 143 
POP3: port 110

Additional outgoing mail server settings

For additional outgoing server settings:

Mail > Preferences > Accounts > Choose an account 
  • Find the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) in the dropdown menu in the right-hand section
  • Choose Edit Server List from the dropdown
  • Hit Advanced


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